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Root Canal

Root canal treatment offers numerous benefits for patients experiencing severe tooth pain or infection. This procedure is a savior for damaged or infected teeth, aiming to preserve the natural tooth rather than resorting to extraction. By removing the infected pulp and disinfecting the canals, a root canal eliminates the source of pain and prevents further spread of infection. With the affected tooth restored and strengthened by a dental crown, patients regain their ability to bite, chew, and speak comfortably.

Moreover, the preservation of the natural tooth helps maintain the alignment of neighboring teeth, preventing potential dental issues in the future. Root canal treatment not only provides relief from pain but also saves the patient from the expense and inconvenience of more extensive dental work, making it an efficient and cost-effective solution. Ultimately, a successful root canal restores oral health, relieves discomfort, and allows patients to confidently enjoy a functional and aesthetically pleasing smile


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Dr. Hubert Gomes Dental Clinic is the ideal choice for root canals, offering a comprehensive and top-tier dental experience.

Led by Dr. Hubert Gomes, an experienced dentist with over 30 years of practice, our clinic is a beacon of expertise in root canal treatments. With a focus on patient comfort, we utilize advanced dental technology to ensure precise and efficient procedures. Every patient receives personalized attention, as we tailor treatment plans to address their unique dental needs and concerns.

Our clinic’s success in performing root canals is evident in our track record of restoring oral health and relieving patients from dental pain. With a caring and compassionate team, a central location in Margao city, and a commitment to patient satisfaction, Dr. Hubert Gomes Dental Clinic stands as a trusted and reputable destination for successful root canal treatments, providing patients with a renewed smile and a revitalized sense of confidence.

Why Choose Us?

For a successful and reliable root canal treatment, look no further than Dr. Hubert Gomes Dental Clinic.

With our experienced team, advanced technology, and patient-centered approach, we are committed to delivering superior root canal treatments that restore your oral health and bring back your confident smile.

Professional Expertise

Dr. Hubert Gomes is a highly experienced dentist with over three decades of practice, including a specialization in root canal treatments. Patients can trust in his expertise and skill in performing successful root canal procedures.


Advanced Technology

Our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art dental technology, ensuring precise and efficient root canal treatments. From modern diagnostic tools to advanced endodontic equipment, we prioritize using the latest advancements in dentistry for optimal outcomes.


Customized Treatment

We understand that each patient’s dental needs are unique. At Dr. Hubert Gomes Dental Clinic, we take the time to assess your individual situation, tailoring a personalized treatment plan to address your specific concerns and requirements.


Minimized Sensitivity

Our caring and compassionate staff prioritize patient comfort throughout the root canal procedure. We take special measures to minimize any discomfort and ensure you have a relaxed and pleasant dental experience.


Quick and Convenient

Dr. Hubert Gomes Dental Clinic has a track record of successful root canal treatments, restoring oral health and relieving patients from dental pain effectively.


Safe and Reliable

We prioritize patient satisfaction and go above and beyond to ensure your needs are met. Our friendly and attentive staff is dedicated to making your dental visit a positive and enjoyable one.


Long-Lasting Effects

Dr. Hubert Gomes Dental Clinic has a track record of successful root canal treatments, restoring oral health and relieving patients from dental pain effectively.


Award-Winning Excellence

Dr. Hubert Gomes has been recognized with prestigious awards, reflecting the clinic’s commitment to providing exceptional dental care.


Success & Awards

At Dr. Hubert Gomes dental clinic, success is defined by the smiles of our satisfied patients. We take pride in our commitment to providing top-notch dental care and creating positive, lasting experiences for everyone who walks through our doors.

Our success is not just measured by the quality of our treatments, but also by the trust and confidence our patients place in us. We believe in building strong relationships with our patients, taking the time to understand their unique needs and concerns, and tailoring our services to meet their expectations.

Years Of Service

Through our commitment to providing top-quality dental care, we aim to improve the overall oral health of our community members. We understand that a healthy smile is essential for a better quality of life, and we strive to make dental care accessible and affordable for everyone.

Happy Clients

As a dental clinic with a history of supporting the community for over 40 years, our success is also reflected in the lasting relationships we have built with our patients and the trust they have in our expertise and care.


These awards serve as a reminder of our commitment to providing exceptional dental services and making a difference in the lives of our patients and the community. They motivate us to continually strive for excellence and to uphold the highest standards of care in everything we do.

Staff Members

Beyond their technical expertise, our staff is known for their caring and personalized approach. We treat each patient like family, forging strong connections and building lasting relationships that extend beyond the dental chair.

Dr Huberts

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Sweet Dental Experience

Hear what our delighted patients have to say about their exceptional experiences at Dr Huber Gomes Dental Clinic through their glowing customer reviews

Jonas Mark FernandesJonas Mark Fernandes
11:57 20 Oct 23
I have done my mother's and my treatment at Dr Hubert Gomes clinic, treated by Dr Divya and Dr Tarika and I have very happy with the treatment. Thanks
Joseph DiasJoseph Dias
11:06 20 Oct 23
Vlesh NagvenkarVlesh Nagvenkar
11:00 20 Oct 23
Anita HadimaniAnita Hadimani
08:40 20 Oct 23
I must say it’s good place to hv dental treatment of all kind. I hd a very good experience n I only trust Dr. Hubert Gomes dental clinic for my dental treatments.
nickson adriannickson adrian
08:04 20 Oct 23
Excellent job,
Mable DiasMable Dias
11:49 17 Oct 23
1st of all I would love to thank all the staff of Dr.Hubert Dental Clinic.very Helpful, welcoming with the names, happy faces.Shout out to Dr.Chandan who took care of me this time.100% I Trust and believe this is the best Clinic from my child😁🙌👌🦷
Frederick FernandesFrederick Fernandes
06:27 15 Oct 23
Dental clinic kept it's standard for past 40 years.Dr Hubert Gomes has wide knowledge in Dental procedures from cleaning to implant. His wide experience suites to meet every type of dental work and has repeated clients. I commend Dr Chandan who works at the clinic under his supervision. Dr Chandan excels in her expertise.
09:42 05 Oct 23
Dental Clinic of Mr. Hubert Gomes helps us a lot. We are a team of Russian tech experts and some of us decided to take advantage of high class dental services provided by this clinic. No complaints, only great thanks to the doctors and nurses. Great and high quality service!! Mikhail K. /Russia
Andrew OliveiraAndrew Oliveira
04:46 05 Oct 23
Dr Hubert Gomes Clinic is the Best that Goa has have been his patient since 1985.He has an excellent team one of which is Dr Chandan who has been with him for over 30 Years and has led to My Daughter gaining trust of her care after undergoing Dental trauma due to inexperienced Dental treatment. Kudos to all. He also helps Patients who can't afford costly treatment. God Bless Him, Family and his whole team. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Susan VazSusan Vaz
05:38 29 Sep 23
This is my second home for teeth care. The ambience is great, the expertise is fantastic, the doctors and staff are well experienced and make the patient very comfortable and at ease. Dr Hubert is an expert at his job and I can say it as he is my dentist for a number of years. I wish him all the best and am happy to recommend him to all my family, friends and people I meet having dental problems. Thank you doctor Hubert and Dr Chandan for being there for me whenever I need them

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